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As everybody knows, the economic climate is making it very tough to find a job. This is especially true for those who are leaving education and attempting to embark on a career without any sort of work experience to fall back on, as many employers are likely to prefer those with a little more practical knowledge. If you know somebody who’s just about to embark upon the next stage of their life and enter the workforce, read on to find a gift idea that will suit them.

For Guys – A Good Tie

This is an item which is absolutely essential for anybody who is staring down the barrel of a dozen interviews, and one which many graduates could conceivably lack. Unless their college or family is in the habit of holding formal events, many young men will not have a decent tie to call their own, instead relying on whatever tired-looking rag that their Dad would trust them with. Try to get something which is silk and will go well with shirts of various colors. Bonus points if you also teach them to tie a half-Windsor knot!

A Cookbook

Chances are that your graduate went straight to college from home, where most (if not all) of their meals were prepared by Mom and Dad. Many students take advantage of meal plans offered by their school’s cafeteria, and if not, they probably order a whole lot of pizza. A decent cookbook can provide hundreds of recipes to suit virtually every taste and budget. A great example is How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman. This very popular publication boasts instruction on 2000 meals – that should be enough for anybody to survive on!

An E-Reader

Anybody who’s ever been to college knows that there’s a whole lot of reading involved. So much so that a recent graduate can be put off the activity for a quite a while after they receive their diploma! Make sure that they have one fewer excuse to rot their brain in front of the TV with this gift idea. E-readers are now available for well under $100 and enable the user to store many books without having to lug around a load of paperbacks wherever they go. You could also give them a gift card that will allow them to make their first online literary purchase.

A Blu-Ray Player

When your graduate moves into their first post-college apartment and gets a job, it’s pretty likely that they’ll be keen to move past the student phase of their life. With a 9am start each day, they won’t be hitting the bars and hosting house parties anywhere near as often, and will have to adjust to a quieter lifestyle. Unfortunately, their starting salary probably won’t fund all the things that they could use to entertain themselves, so why not help out by picking up a Blu-Ray player? This should help keep them distracted on a boring Wednesday night.

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