Running around but not getting much done?


Do you ever have one of those busy days (or weeks) where you feel like you’re just running around all day but you really haven’t managed to get much done at all? I think I’m having one of those days. Or weeks …

I’ve been going non stop all day. Doctors appointments, getting work done on my sites, running around getting stuff for the house/shopping … so busy that I didn’t even get home in time to make dinner and I almost always make a nice home made dinner.

Chris had today off work but he wasn’t around too much today. He was out with some friends doing some “music” related stuff. When he did manage to come back home – much later than expected all he could do was talk about this guitar shop that he’d visited and tell me about all the hand crafted guitars and cool equipment he’d seen like something he was calling the exceptional qchord which is an instrument that can apparently have anyone playing music in minutes .. I’m not sure how but he said it was pretty cool.

Anyway once he finally got home we had to go out to the pet store to get a special light for our turtles. Yes we have box turtles .. and while we were there we ended up getting a new harness for our dog because she’s a real puller and she can be very hard to walk. I’m hoping it works. She’s a great dog but it’s such a pain to walk with her when she’s dragging you along!

Ok I’m going to rest because tomorrow is yet another busy day. I had a thyroid biopsy a week and a half ago and it’s time to find out how bad the news is going to be. It wasn’t good last time and I know things have likely gotten worse. I’m just trying to hold off getting surgery again. I have a tumor and now a new tumor has shown up and both are quite large – for where they are … plus last time the biopsy results weren’t that good … so … we’ll see what happens.

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