Your Home Looks Great! But Don’t Forget About The Garage…


Resale is one of the most important things, however many people neglect to think about it when they are making a home purchase. The proper car taken with your entire home can ensure that you get the most out of your investment, and that your property value goes way up.


But one place where most people lose out on some serious cash is with the garage. Many people think about their garage in one simple way; they park their car in it. That is all a garage is for. But that is not true; a garage can be used in many ways.

And if you want to ensure that you do not lose out on any extra resale value when selling your home to a perspective buyer in the future, you are going to want to put in a little extra work.

Keeping Your Garage Clean

One of the biggest mistakes people do is they let their garage go to disrepair. People simply stop paying any attention to that state that their garage is in after a while, especially if they have no automotive hobbies which would lead them to spend any time in their garage.

Oil stains, cobwebs and even mold can all become huge issues with home owners and their garages. The main way to ensure that your garage does not face any of these issues is by keeping it clean.

First off, make it a habit. When you clean your house, take the bit of extra time to then go out and clean your garage after you have finished. This alone can make a huge difference. An occasional cleaning will stop oil leaks or spills from creating lasting marks on the floor of your garage.

And if you wipe out the cob webs and all the spiders, you will have fewer spider issues over time, as they will stop coming in to your garage and instead choose other places for their webs.

Make Garage Cleaning a Chore

None of us like to do chores, but it goes with out saying that we always make sure to get all of our chores done. If you turn garage cleaning in to just another chore, then it will get done when the time comes, just like any other chore.

The main thing is to treat your garage just like you would treat any other place in your home; it is part of your over all house. Thus it should receive just as much attention as your home itself—not less just because you do not sleep in it.

How to Save Money While Cleaning Your Garage

You do not have to buy a whole bunch of new cleaning products simply in order to clean your garage. You can use almost all of your regular house hold cleaning products to clean your garage. So do not buy those ads about “special” garage cleaners; most of them are garbage.

What you want is the basics; a good, friendly cleaning spray that won’t stain; some paper towels; a duster; a big garbage bag for any junk; and a broom, among other basic cleaning implements. Be sure not to leave a single area of your garage unattended; you should do as thorough a job cleaning your garage as you would your own room.

The better you clean, and the more you keep your garage clean, the more you are preserving your investment, and the more steady your property value will be when it comes time for you to sell your home.

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