Basic Mattress Care: 4 Tips For Maintaining Your Mattress


Finally, you have purchased a new mattress. A mattress is a very important investment. It can affect your sleep, which will then affect the overall quality of your life and health. For this reason, the maintenance of your mattress must never be taken for granted; especially if you want it to last for many years. Mattresses usually last about ten years; however, a few simple maintenance tips and techniques can add more years to their useful life; while improving your sleep comfort.

1. Consider Your Mattress Support And Foundation

When buying a new mattress, it is vital to have a sturdy base and matching foundation. Today, a lot of mattresses already have a matching foundation which is created to provide the best support and durability for that specific mattress. This is important since it will protect the mattress and will add more height to the bed.

If you are still in the process of buying a new mattress, try purchasing the matching box spring as well. Putting a new mattress on a mismatched and old box spring will only lead to problems. Some of the problems you might encounter include:

  • Not getting what you expected. The comfort you felt back at the store won’t necessarily feel the same when you bring your mattress at home.
  • The mattress will sag and wear sooner. This means that the mattress won’t live up to your expectations, won’t last for many years, and the warranty will probably be invalid.

2. Avoid Folding Or Bending Your Mattress

It is very important to avoid bending or folding your mattress, especially when you try to fit it in or out of a particular room. You can consider flexing the mattress so that it will fit, but you can never fold, curl, or bend the mattress. In doing so, you will cause damage to the springs and coils because the comfort layers will shift and will become an uneven space for sleeping. To carry the mattress to your bedroom, you can carry it upright. This way, you can easily handle it and you will avoid damaging it.

3. Turn Your Mattress

Most people sleep on the same spot on their mattress every single night. This will eventually lead to uneven wear on coil springs which provide support for the body. To reduce the chances of wearing and to enjoy more years of sleep comfort, it is recommended to turn your mattress every two weeks during the first couple of months after buying it. After a few months, you can then turn it every two months. As an additional tip, you can turn it head to foot, and flip the mattress. In doing so, you will be able to distribute the wear patterns.

4. Clean The Mattress

To keep your mattress looking and smelling new and fresh, you need to clean stains using a mild detergent and a clean, dampened cloth. Never use any volatile chemical removers because this can damage and degrade the fabric of the mattress and other materials. In addition, you can also vacuum the mattress. In doing so, you will not only get rid of dust and other allergens, but you can also get rid of any dust mites and bed bugs.

You can also consider employing a professional cleaning service provider who can offer mattress cleaning services; however, you have to make sure that they are not using techniques that were not approved by the manufacturers of mattresses. This means that the professional cleaners must not use shampoo or steam to clean the mattress. Remember that using the wrong cleaning methods will only damage it; thus, it will reduce its comfort and support level.

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  1. sara from nottingham wedding says

    I’ve found that turning your mattress regularly can really make it more comfortable

  2. Ari says

    I have the Temperpedic Pillow top queen size mattress and I just love it. I don’t snore as much any more and my knees and back don’t hurt in the moirnng. I can move in the bed without waking up my wife. It used to be hard for me to wake up in the moirnng but not any more. I am up and ready to go with no aches and pains. I would not waste my money on the topper they don’t seem to be as good. You need the whole mattress. It does take a bit of getting use to because the heat of your body helps mold the mattress to your body and can be a bit warmer than a conventional bed.