Create Your Own Elemental Serenity with a Water Fountain


Water fountains have been a part of mankind since ancient times. We need it to live, we bathe in it, and we cook with it. Water is essential, and it is a precious resource without which there literally would be no life on Earth. It is no wonder that it touches us on such an elemental level. What better way to enjoy such a fundamental part of life than to have a fountain as a part of your home? Inside or out a water fountain can complement even the smallest space.

Initially fountains were meant to be functional, but even the ancient Assyrians decorated the basins they carved to hold water. They served a purpose, but they were beautiful as well. Today there are thousands of different types of fountains that are available to enhance any space inside or outside of a home.

There are a wide variety of indoor fountains. On example is the table fountain. These come in a variety of sizes, from the very small to those large enough to serve as a show stopping centerpiece. There are numerous styles, something to complement any sort of décor. The pleasant and musical sound of falling water can add that special element that every room needs.

Also available in indoor fountains are wall or floor fountains. These range in size from three to eight feet, and also come in a wide variety of styles, even lighted. Just as the smaller table fountains these dynamic water features can add to a room’s overall atmosphere. Nothing sooths and relaxes like the pleasant sound and healing moisture of water.

For the gardener or outdoor enthusiast there are fountains for the garden or patio. From the classic styles to the utterly unique there is a fountain to please anyone. One particularly popular style is the outdoor sphere fountain. These are often found in public gardens or parks where thousands of people can enjoy them. Another popular type is the traditional bird bath fountain. Many a hobbyist has spent hours observing their favorite species playing and bathing in these beautiful fountains.

Of course, there are also the traditional pool and plumbed fountains. These large fountains are also often found in public spaces such as parks and commercial gardens. Hotels, restaurants, and large shopping centers also use these types of fountains to enhance otherwise dreary or boring spaces. Some of the most beautiful sights in the world are fountains, such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Every child, at one time or another, has dropped a coin into this type of fountain and made a wish. The tradition is almost as old as the fountain itself. Although no one knows exactly where this practice began, making an offering of coins to water has long been a part of human culture. Today there is not likely to be a public fountain or pond anywhere that does not have a few coins on its bottom. Give yourself a little piece of the magic with your own special fountain.

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