Musical interludes


My husbands been playing his guitar a lot more often lately. He’s always played his guitar a lot, but as I said he’s playing more and more these days.

He has an obsession with Led Zeppelin recently. I don’t know why, but he’s been trying to figure out Kashmir on his acoustic guitar again. I know he figured it out several years ago but I think he forgot that he figured it out so he’s at it again.

I really don’t mind him playing guitar. I love it actually .. except, the only time he plays it is when I happen to be concentrating on something, like say when I’m studying for a big final exam for example. Sigh … He just had to look something up on Youtube last night in the middle of my studying and play along with it.

When he did stop playing guitar last night and I could resume studying he decided to restring his guitar. I noticed that he’s using a new brand of strings – good ernie ball strings. I’ve never seen him use that type before. He must be experimenting!

Hopefully he lets his guitar rest for a couple of days. I really have to have some peace and quite so I can concentrate, but after Sunday evening he can play some celebration songs because my exam will be done and the house can be full of all kinds of sound.

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