What to Do If Fire Ants Bite You?


For most people, a fire ant bite is simply just another type of ant bite. It’ll swell up and be itchy for a few hours. After a while, the itchiness goes away and there’s only a red spot left, which also typically resolves after a few days. However, for some people, especially those with compromised or weak immune system, a single fire ant bite could be very deadly. It could not only trigger an allergic reaction and hives, but it could also cause anaphylactic shock.

If you belong to the latter group, what should you do?

Recognize the Symptoms

Some people don’t know if they’re allergic to fire ant bites until one bites them. If you’re unsure, then here are some of the symptoms that you have to watch out for.

One, itching and a red raised spot over the bitten area is very common. However, if the itching spreads to more than just the stung area and you develop hives as well as swelling on any other part of your body, then you’re allergic to it. You also have to watch out for any abdominal cramping as well as vomiting. Some people also even experience extreme nausea with difficulty breathing. Other symptoms include difficulty dizziness, swallowing, and hoarse voice. Swelling of the throat as well as the tongue may also be present.

If no antihistamine medications are given, it could lead to sudden hypotension or low blood pressure, unconsciousness, then ultimately to cardiac arrest. This is called anaphylactic shock, which is very life threatening and can lead to death.

Emergency First Aid Treatment

If an allergic reaction to fire ant bite has been confirmed, it’s important that you immediately take your medication. This can retard the effects of the ant bite and prevent worsening of the symptoms.

However, if you don’t know if you’re allergic to it or not but you’re starting to feel the symptoms, then you need to go to the nearest hospital immediately. Tell someone and have them take you to the hospital. Don’t drive yourself though. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you’re also putting other people in danger. When you reach the hospital, you will be given medications to stop the effects. These include antihistamine, epinephrine, and corticosteroids. If the symptoms are severe and you’re having pulmonary problems, then oxygen as well as intravenous fluids may also be given.

Because of the severe allergic reaction that you had from a fire ant bite, you may be prescribed an injectable epinephrine, which you will have to carry with you at all times. You need immediate relief the next time you get bitten by a fire ant.

Dealing with Fire Ants

Just because you have the necessary medications to help with fire ant bites, it doesn’t mean that you won’t do anything to get rid of these pests. Eliminating them from your property is just as important as keeping your medication close. So hire a reputable pest control company who can help you get rid of the fire ant colony effectively, safely, and completely. It’s better if you let a professional company do the job for you than to get rid of them yourself. Not only are they skilled, but they also have the right product and tools.

Jennifer Dallmeyer writes for Insight Pest Solutions. A fire ant bite can be deadly to those with weak immune systems, so it’s important that you get rid of their colony immediately.


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