The Very Most Exciting Gadgets You Can Buy Today


I have always loved gadgets and ever since I was a young kid I was always on the lookout for the latest laptop, the latest PDA, and the latest smartphone. As early as I can remember I owned a ZX Spectrum and an Einstein and since then I’ve owned some of the most cutting edge and bizarre phones and computers on the market. Hell, I even owned a Dell Streak and was only one of about 80-something people who bought one.

But to me this still isn’t enough, and while I do get a real sense of excitement when I open the box for my latest boy’s-toy, there are hundreds of things I can think of that would be much more awesome and fun. Here I’ll walk you through a few of the more exciting gadgets that I’ve either owned or pined after that can do more than just help with your everyday routine…

The JetLev

This is a relatively recent one but it’s something that has me instantly drooling. Essentially this is a jetpack that you strap to your back that allows you to fly, only unlike other jetpacks it works by using a powerful jet of water and can only be used over a body of water. That limitation aside this is the closest you can come to feeling like Iron man by hovering and swopping through the air, and it’s something you can guarantee none of your friends will have.


A telescope has always been at the top of my ‘badly want’ list, along with space rocket. While I’ve yet to get a space rocket though, my sister recently surprised me with a Newtonian Reflector telescope for my birthday which has enabled me to look at the craters of the moon in crisp detail and even get into astrophotography. It looks like something that belongs at NASA and I’ve been able to see the rings of Saturn – it doesn’t get much more life affirming than that.

The GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition HD Camera

Okay so it’s not the most exciting looking thing in itself – it’s a camera that you mount to a hat – but what you will end up doing with it is awesome. Whether you’re free running across rooftops, or whether you’re hurtling down a mountainside on a mountain bike this will capture all the action from your POV in crisp HD. Great for boasting about your achievements on YouTube.


This is another one I recently acquired and have been having a lot of fun with – they’re giant stilts with carbon fibre springs attached that let you run up to thirty miles an hour and do flips over cars. Pretty amazing.

Lamborghini Diablo

The number one boy’s toy though is undoubtedly an amazing car. Unfortunately I’m not quite in the wealth bracket to afford one of these beasts, but ever since I first saw one I’ve wanted it. The most exciting gadgets to me are the ones that let you go faster, that turn heads, and that you can climb into with lots of control panels – this ticks all those boxes.

The author, Kyle Brandt, is a gizmo lover. He is a walking encyclopedia of gadgets and technologies.

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  1. mobil bekas murah says

    GoPro is like.. the coolest gadget I’ve. Ever. Had.
    It’s tiny, affordable, water-resistant, and most importantly, I could go anywhere with it and record thing in HD. One of the must-have thing for everyone I think, and it’s affordable, for me :)