8 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips


For most, the holidays are usually a joyous a time of year. People are out and about singing Christmas carols and shopping for loved ones. However, not everyone is as full of holiday spirit and good will as others. Don’t let your holidays be ruined by becoming injured or a victim to a unwanted crime. Follow these simple holiday shopping safety tips to ensure you have a safe and successful holiday season.

Choose the right parking

Mall parking lots are notorious for theft during the holidays. When choosing a parking space, try to park closest to the mall entrance, preferably in a well-lit area. Not only is this safer for you when walking to and from your car, but thieves tend to use the darkness to operate. Parking in a nicely lit area will reduce the chances of having your car broken into.

Have your phone charged

Regardless of the time of year you should never leave your house with a dying phone battery. It’s imperative that your mobile phone is at full battery life, especially for long shopping trips. If you were to ever experience an emergency, a charged phone would enable you to call someone for help. You might also want to purchase a phone charger for your vehicle too.

Bring a friend

If you know that you are going to be out late shopping, bring a friend along. People who shop alone are more likely to become victims of a crime. Using the buddy system is a great way to stay safe during the holidays, and it’s fun too. Try to coordinate long shopping trips with a friend or family member.

Take extra precaution

When exiting the mall be as alert as possible and examine your surroundings. If something seems suspicious it probably is. Also, carry your car keys in your hand. This will make for a quick exit. And before you enter your vehicle, be sure to check the backseat for potential criminals.

Wear comfortable shoes

Malls and shopping centers are packed during the holiday rush. Wearing comfortable shoes will allow you to walk faster and easier. Plus, more people equal more traffic, and ultimately more spills. In order to prevent an unwanted injury, wear a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Conceal your purse

If possible, wear your purse across the body. This will keep your hands free and it’s much harder for someone to rob you. If you carry your purse, always keep it within arm’s length. Purse theft is always a problem. And never leave your purse in a shopping cart or backseat.

Have packages delivered

When possible, have your packages delivered rather than lugging multiple packages to and from your vehicle. Women carrying many packages often become targets of theft. And walking with free hands will help prevent injury.

Carry a flashlight

To some this may seem silly. But carrying a flashlight is great way to not only see where you’re going but it also lets others know you are coming. As I previously mentioned, thieves operate in the dark. And a flashlight can prevent clumsiness.

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Sarah Barnes is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about safety advice. As a paralegal, she studying to be an injury lawyer NY. Her life motto is that it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

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