6 Tips for Recovery After Rehab


Going through the process of rehab is a big step in an addicts life, but not a lot of people think about the process recovering addicts go through once they leave rehab. The first few months out of rehab are perhaps some of the most difficult because you are free to make your own decisions once again and temptation can easily creep back into your life. There are many ways to avoid relapse after rehab. Here are six tips to continue recovery after leaving rehab.

Create a plan of action

So you’ve been released from your six month long recovery treatment. Now what? Boredom and lack of direction might be one of the worst things you can have when you’ve just left rehab. It’s necessary to create a plan laying out your objectives for your future. By creating a plan, you’ll be organized and will have a set schedule to follow to keep you busy and on track.

Continue therapy sessions

Even though you’ve left the treatment center, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your treatment process is over with. Remember that you still have the option of visiting with a counselor as often as necessary for as long as you need. This allows you the freedom to go about living your life once again but keeps you in check with a counselor still to slowly ease you back into the real world.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is extremely important during the healing process and continues to be critical after rehab. Not only does regular exercise help you stay fit and active, in turn boosting your confidence, but in addition it releases endorphins which lift your mood and keep you thinking positively. Whether you have a gym membership, go for regular runs outside or even do an activity such as yoga, exercise will help you feeling great and will keep you healthy.

Eat healthfully

Going along with exercise, healthy eating can improve your overall health and the way you feel about yourself. Making sure you get the proper vitamins and minerals into your diet have even been linked to curbing cravings for drugs or alcohol. Living a healthy lifestyle after rehab can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life to keep you clean and feeling better than ever before.

Make new friends

Chances are, many of the friends you had before rehab aren’t the type of people you should be spending time with post rehab. This is a great opportunity for a fresh start and time to meet new people with no connection to your past. Building relationships is essential for happiness and feeling complete, so this is definitely an important tip to follow through with. The more relationships you have, the more support you have if you’re ever feeling weak.

Rediscover your spirituality

If during your addiction you lost touch with your spirituality, post rehab is a great time to rediscover it. Faith in a higher power or guidance through a spiritual being can be enough to get you through the days and believe that you can succeed in your efforts to be clean.

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Lisa Trank is a freelance writer who is very familiar with addiction. After a family member admitted to addiction and visited rehab for treatment, Lisa learned a generous amount from this experience. She follows the rehab advisor in an effort to research the best treatments for various addictions and suggests anyone else facing an addiction do the same.

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  1. Ismail N says

    Friends and family that are supportive and truly care to help during the process is imperative, almost as important as one’s dedication to change. This is the time to really cling to them and be humble enough to seek their help.