4 Great Tips in Providing the Perfect Guest Room for the Holidays


The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s the best time of the year for many. But, for others, not so much. There are several reasons why some people might struggle with the holidays from tight budgets, loneliness, and overall stress.

However, another reason why people might not enjoy the holidays as much as others is because they travel, either to get away for a break…or to visit family. If they are traveling for a break, they might be doing so because that is what they enjoy. However, if they are traveling to see family, there might be some discomfort in not being in their own home on the holiday.

While they are visiting family and enjoying that aspect of it, most people would prefer to be in their own home at this time.

So, if you are expecting overnight company during the holidays, there are several things you can do to make it cozier, as well as more comfortable, appealing… and to feel at home, away from home.

1. Provide a Clean Guest Room

Give your guest room a thorough white-glove approved cleaning. Take the window treatments down to launder along with the comforter and other bedding. If there is carpeting, give it a shampoo…or take the rug out to have it cleaned if you have hard surface flooring.

Dust out the hard to reach areas and make sure windows and mirrors are also shiny and reflection-friendly. Removing lamp shades to clean will get rid of unseen dust that could make the room smell musty. This is especially important if your guests have allergies.

2. Make Small Repairs and Improvements

While you are cleaning you will be able to notice if there are areas in need of repair, such as outlets not working, paint touchups on the trim and walls, or a squeaky door. It’s also a great time to change out light bulbs, so they don’t burn out while your guests are using the lights.

If you want to make some minor home improvements in the room to make it more cozy, try the following:

  • Update the ceiling fan
  • New area rug
  • Indoor Colonial raised panel shutters
  • Create a dressing area

Repairing issues in the room and making small improvements will help a guest feel more at home. But there are other areas to consider as well, to help them feel right at home…

3. Make it Functional

Perhaps one of the most important areas to consider is the functionality of the room. When I stay at someone’s home, or even in a hotel, I want to be able to do more than simply sleep in the room. Although that is the main function of a guest room, it’s not the only thing a guest will appreciate being able to do.

However, for sleeping purposes, make sure the bed is comfortable, and has enough pillows and blankets. Of course, a person’s comfort will depend on their preferences such as a soft or hard mattress. One way to avoid that would be with a high quality air mattress that can be inflated and deflated to adjust to the desired firmness.

Beyond the bed and bedding, you might want to provide them some reading material, a lamp to read by, and a place to put their reading material as they fall asleep.

A television and stereo system would also be nice, especially for anyone staying more than one night. This will make it easier for them to ‘get away’ and get a little privacy at times. Space might be limited, so a great option for music would be the compact Bose stereo, which could sit on a small table top. Or, a docking system for an iPod.

If they are accustomed to a little noise in the evening, they might appreciate a white noise machine, or a dehumidifier to drown out other household noises they are not used to…or unwanted silence.

4. Decorating without Overdoing It

I have never traveled at Christmas time, but I can imagine that if I did, I would want the room I am staying in to reflect the holidays…at least a little. Of course, I wouldn’t want it to be obnoxious, or filled with faux aromas that would make it difficult to breathe, either.

Placing a subtle wreath on the door or wall, a couple flameless candles with greenery, and a crystal bowl of beautiful ornaments on the table would add a nice touch. I also have a trio of what I call Charlie Brown Christmas trees, which are small pre-lit trees. I have put these in the corner of my mom’s room when she stays.

In Closing

When a guest trusts you to spend their holiday with you and your family, you owe it to them to provide the best guest room possible. It will make for a much nicer holiday for everyone in the home.

Mark Harris lives in White Rock, B.C. on Canada’s stunning west coast. As an Internet marketer and freelance writer, Mark is always looking for new angles on projects. For example, when visiting http://www.sunbeltshutters.com/, he thought he would combine his love of home improvement with the upcoming holidays to write about preparing the home for the holiday season. When Mark is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, walking the local beaches, kayaking, and hiking.

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