Five Fascinating Health Benefits of Barley


Barley is a whole grain high fiber member of grassfamily, also known as Hordeuom vulgare, it constitutes a major cereal grain. It can be fermented to an alcoholic drink, beer. Barley can be ingested in the form of brew, soups or barley bread. It is a healthy high fiber protein grain boasting numerous health benefits. The following are five fascinating health benefits of barley.

  • Barley help fight diabetes

The two types of diabetes (mellitus and insipidus) affect over a billion people globally. Nutritionists and health professionals have always given directions on how to prevent and treat diabetes. It involves a matter of lifestyle adjustments by making wise choices including weight loss and physical exercises. Proper and appropriate diet has been stressed by majority of experts including plenty of high fiber foods such as barley.

Barley is an excellent choice of food for those suffering from the two types of diabetes and pre-diabetes. Phytochemistry of barley reveals that barley contains a carbohydrate compound called beta-glucan. This is an insoluble fiber that promotes healthy blood sugar level by slowing down adsorption of glucose into the blood stream. Clinical trials have shown that mildly insulin resistant patients who ate muffins containing the barley beta-glucan had reduced concentration of blood sugar. This helps to boost fight against diabetes.

  • Barley grass extracts lower cholesterol level

Laboratory and clinical trials around the world give promising results regarding barleys potential in cholesterol reduction. A patient under a clinical study was subjected to a daily 20 grams dosage of grass barley and the blood cholesterol levels dropped significantly.

The chemical components of barley help it to scavenge existing on free radicals in an hydrogen exchange reaction mechanism. This was investigated using blood and the spinal fluid samples of an arthritis patient. Barley exhibits antioxidant properties. One is therefore advised to lower his/her blood cholesterol level by increasing the amount of barley they consume. With proven clinical records to lower cholesterol levels, barley can be added as a supplement in a healthy weight loss diet.

  • Cardiovascular disease risk reduction

Saturated fats pose a health hazard to the functioning of the hearth. Excess saturated fats raise the LDL cholesterol level lower the blood pressure of the affected individual. This increases the risk of cardiovascular risks. Barley limit intake of fats and cholesterol into the blood ensuring that the blood remains clean. As a result, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular heart related diseases such as low blood pressure.

  • Reduce risks of colon cancer

Barley contains soluble fiber that enhances digestion of food in the digestive tract. This reduces constipation and congestion of food along the digestive system. Barley therefore boosts efficiency of the digestive enzymes. This goes a long way to reducing the risk of colon cancer by ensuring that digestive system is healthy.

  • Breast cancer risk reduction

Laboratory investigations have revealed that Barley contains protease inhibitors that help in combating breast cancer by boosting body’s immunity. Clinical trials have confirmed this, though with limited efficiency as most patients consider other forms of treatment. However, this is a time demanding treatment procedure, this makes it riskier than it may sound.


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  1. says

    Thanks for the post Tommy. Barley … Yes I know it’s supposed to be very healthy for us but I’m not a huge fan of actually eating it. Probably because my mom used to love making beef barely soup and it was very heavy on the barley. I’m sure it was very good for me but I didn’t love it.

    So .. do you have any suggestions as to how to eat the barely .. maybe something that will make it taste really good?

  2. Giedre Zabuliene says

    Hey, great article, I am writing my own blog, similar to yours, about healthy eating and low fat meals and your site really helped me. A lot of good tips and just basics about healthy eating. I told all my friend about this site and they all think the same, well done :)