Time to buy some new nursing uniforms


Since I’m pretty sure that I’ll be returning to work in the next few weeks I’ve been rummaging through the house for all of my old nursing uniforms and making sure that they are clean and ready to go when I finally get put back on the work schedule. (see my last post for more info on my return to work)

I have quite the collection of scrubs! I was surprised to find that I still had some uniforms that I used to wear when I worked in a pain clinic in the 90’s -and believe it or not they’re still in great condition.

Considering how old some of my uniforms are, even though they’re in pretty good shape, I thought it might be a good idea to treat myself to a a couple of new pairs of scrubs. Scrub styles don’t change all that much, but looking at some of the uniform websites I can see that there are some changes that seem to go with outside style trends.

I’m trying to decide whether to order online or got to a local uniform store. I’ve found that scrub sizes vary so I might be better off trying some on in person and once I find a style I like I can order more of the same online. Speaking of online stores .. when I was searching for uniform stores I kept getting ones that sold all kinds of uniforms – not just nursing ones even though I specifically put that in my search terms .. surprisingly I came across several sites that sold everything from restaurant wear to welding jackets to medical uniforms. I’m most interested in the sites that sell only nursing scrubs because they seem to have the best variety and often the best prices.

So … anyone in the Toronto area know of any great local nursing uniform stores that I can check out? Any Canadian Online stores would be good too!

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  1. Scrub Stores says

    Finding local scrub stores can be a challenge not only in the U.S. but Canada as well. You might want to check some of the Avida stores in Toronto (avidastore.com/locations) since they carry most of the more popular scrubs. Hope this helps and enjoy working again.

  2. Microdermabrasion Auckland says

    We hope for the best of your return to work Tricia. You can just search in google for the online store anyway.

  3. Ken says

    Congratulations on your return to work! It seems that nurses in your locality are wearing scrubs when going to work. I am also a nurse, working in the Outpatient Preventive and Care Facility. However, I am in my white uniform when going to and fro the hospital. Once I reached my workplace, I change my uniform into scrubs. It is nice to treat yourself with a new pair of scrubs as a “return” gift to yourself.