The Baronne is blooming


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cluster Barone Prevost

Baronne Prevost is an antique rose with an amazingly strong fragrance. I seem to be on an antique rose kick today because I also posted another antique rose photo on my gardening blog today.

This rose is very hardy. It had very little die back over the winter and I didn’t give it any kind of winter protection this year either! It’s grown quite tall. It’s approximately 7 feet tall. The only complaints that I might have about it is that it has weak stems and as a result is a somewhat floppy rose. It’s also very prickly! It has both thorns and tiny fine prickles. Both of which makes working with the rose kind of dangerous to your skin!

I have Baronne Prevost growing on one side of my garden opposite another antique rose called Compte De Chambord. Both are extremely fragrant and tend to bloom at the same time so standing in the middle of the garden between these two roses when they are blooming is pure heaven.

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  1. Mark says

    Hi Tricia, beautiful shot of the rose, you seem to be lickier than me at the moment as all of my roses are just a mass of squigy petals on the floor as we have been battered by rain for the past week and who would think it’s now Summer. All of my roses are from David Austin, who’s nursery is only a short drive away.
    He has all his varieties planted out in an Italian style garden, we go every year, it’s free to get in and you can get some wonderful photos. Some of them are on my web site

    Cheers Mark

  2. Captain Lifecruiser says

    Oh, oh, verrrry beautiful shot indeed. I just love the colors.It looks like something taken out of an old book about Roses.

    Come on over and have a look at my Midsummer Flower Power Love:-)

  3. Sara says

    Another fabulous rose. I have a fragrant rose that looks like this. I hope it is this rose – it could be, as I inherited it from my husband’s grandma.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  4. Random Magus says

    My first time at your blog…. so wanted to say hi.
    I live in a city in a desert so not too many roses to see… but when I visit my mother-in-law I get to see a canvas of blooms… she has some gorgeous ones in her garden

  5. lattegirl says

    GAH! I am jealous! I cannot get a nice crisp photo of a flower to save my own life. This is beautiful!