A pretty annual flower


Wordless Wednesday

DSC01919 copy

My neighbor asked me to photograph some of her flowers the other day and this was one of the ones that I choose to take a photo of.

This is a lovely orangey red annual Salvia. They come in many colors and are quite pretty when they are in full bloom like this one is.

I’ve got to plant some of my pots and baskets with annual flowers. I haven’t done that yet!

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  1. gorgeous!!

  2. Pretty picture!

  3. Doctor Mom™ says:

    These are very pretty Salvia–
    I’ve not seen the rust color
    We have deep almost violet purple Salvia

    Well done Tricia!

  4. Doctor Mom™ says:

    Oh yeah– we FINALLY got our annuals in last weekend!

  5. Nueva York says:

    I love flowers and that is very pretty!! Please post more flowers!!

  6. Utah SEO says:

    wow, nice picture.

  7. Doc we have some of our annuals …. BUT … I still haven’t planted them! Arghhhh BTW gotta get to your site soon and see what whacky people you’ve chosen for idiot of the week.

  8. Thanks everyone, I’m happy that you enjoyed the photo.

  9. Imma (Alice) says:

    What a bright and beautiful photo! Well done.

    You are invited to visit Wordless Wednesday posts at my blog. Two blogs celebrating Peace Globe day in the Blogosphere!

    Peace to you and yours.

  10. None so pretty is a type of full-sun annual flower. Learn about growing, propagating, and using none so pretty