Protect your companies data with IBackup


If you have a small business or even a home business you know how important it is to keep track of your files and make sure that they are secure. Making sales and promoting your product is a big part of any small business, but as someone who used to own her own small business I know how important keeping all of the data regarding sales, company purchases and expenses can be.

Most small businesses store their data on their computer. Do you back up your data? What about storing your back up online using a secure service? I think it’s important for small businesses to think about having a secondary backup and using a company like IBackup – Online Storage. It just makes sense to have a secondary backup for your important data.

IBackup is the industry leader in online storage service. It’s features have earned it PCWorld and PCMag editor’s choices awards.

The company has several different packages to suit your companies needs. One of the features that I think most businesses will like is that ability to schedule online backups using a desktop scheduler.

Other features of this online backup service include mapping online data as a drive on your business computer, or mapping it as a webfolder. You can easily drag and drop files into your online storage as your edit or create them.

Features that you can look forward to when you register for an IBackup package are interactive and automatic scheduling of backups, compression during transmission, encryption, open file support ofr MS SQL server, incremental and full backups, synchronization, exchange backups and many more features.

Visit IBackup and see for yourself what this online storage service can do for your company.

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