Greek Food


Since I’ve been having kind of a bad week Chris and I decided to order some take out food from one of our favorite restaurants. We haven’t order from that restaurant for a long time, or treated ourselves to much take out since we are trying to watch our money, so it was quite special.

We ordered the vegetarian Mousaka, Spanakopita, Saganaki, and lamb chops. The two meals came with their yummy Greek potatoes and rice, and a nice tossed salad.

Mousaka is similar in some ways to Sheppard’s pie. The regular version has a ground meat at the bottom. Since it’s Greek food I doubt that it’s hamburger. It’s probably ground lamb or pork. The top is mashed potato. The vegetarian version is what we ordered and the bottom is made up of grilled veggies- mostly eggplant.

Spanakopita – is Filo (light flaky pastry) wrapped spinach and cheese.

Saganaki – is a type of goat cheese that is very lightly breaded with cornmeal and then they pour either Vodka or Ouzo on it and set it on fire – lightly toasting it. Yum.

Right, so it probably wasn’t the healthiest meal for me to have. Especially since I seem to have problems with corn meal. I had awful pain after eating dinner for hours and hours, but you know what? I loved the taste of it and that’s all that counts. I have to treat myself occasionally even if I have to pay for it.

If you’re curious and you’d like to see what food we ate, you can visit the Omonia Restaurant and look at their menu. I’ve eaten in the restaurant twice, but for some reason I enjoy their food better as take out.

What do you know- I checked to see if I spelled the names of the various foods we ate properly and I did spell all of our menu items correctly. This Greek neighborhood must be growing on me.

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  1. skeet says

    I haven’t had Greek food in a few years. I went to a Greek festival with friends maybe three or four years ago and I think that was the last time. I’m allergic to lamb, so I have to be careful about what might be hidden in their dishes.

    My grandfather worked for a Greek restaurant owner/ supplier when I was young. Going out as a family to Semos’ in Dallas was a special treat we didn’t get to enjoy very often. The last time I remember going there was when they hosted our family after my grandfather’s funeral.

    Mahalo for sharing your menu. Looks like a great place!

  2. thesi ergasias says

    well musaka is not like this, it has many layers and does not contain any mashed potatoes. The bottom layer is usually out of sliced potatoes, over that is a layer of eggplant(eggplant is a little bit disgusting name for a vegi), over that is a layer of ground meat stirred with tomato and above all there is final layer of bechamel.

    I think I miss my mother’s food!

  3. Helen says

    Thank you for mention Greek Food here… i am gfrom Greece and I thing that our mediterranean cuisine is really good.

  4. Coffee Bean Extract says

    Wow. The mousaka sounds really good. Made me hungry just reading about it. I think Greek food will be the one I get a little more into this year. I try to explore all different foods, and haven’t really gotten into Greek just yet. No reason really, just haven’t gotten to it yet. Sounds really good though.