My husband paints his nails!


That’s right, he’s painting his nails again.

You might remember my story about him getting fake nails for the first time? That’s occurred at least three times since April. No my husbands not really odd, well he is, but shhhhhhh don’t let him know I told you that. No he’s been wearing the fake nails – only on his right hand – because he’s a guitar player and he can use the fake nails to pic the strings on the guitar better.

He’s got really thin weak nails and by having the fake nails applied to the finger nails on his right hand he can use his nails rather than a pick most of the time.

The unfortunate truth about fake nails though is that they end up thinning out and weakening your natural nails when you use them.

So Chris has been pestering the cosmetic advisor’s at drug store cosmetic counters, and the ones in the cosmetics departments of many major department stores. I thought they’d look at him strangely, but for the most part they don’t. In fact one told me just yesterday that she’s seen it all, and nothing that people do in stores, or the questions that she’s asked, surprise her anymore.

In fact she told me a remarkable story yesterday of a lady that did a pregnancy test right in the cosmetics department of the drug store! I’d really like to know how someone managed that. I mean don’t you have to pee on a stick for all of the instant pregnancy tests? If you do, that means that this lady was so desperate to know if she was pregnant or not, that she had to have peed right there in the store!

If I ever get tired of working in the Emergency Department, but still crave a taste of the strange, I think I’ll apply to work as a cosmetician at a drug store. Seems that they see the kind of strange stuff there that’s in line with the kind of things I’m used to seeing in the ER.

Back to Chris. I think and hope that he’s given up on the fake nails. I really didn’t like the look, and they felt so creepy when he’d touch me with the nails. *shivers* He’s been spending all that time talking to cosmetic specialists trying to find out what other kinds of products he can put on his nails to strengthen them.

Since yesterday he’s been applying a liquid product called Ecrinal to his nails three times a day. It’s made from the oils found in horse hair. It’s supposed to be the best out there. We’ll see. Three times a day for seven days and hopefully Chris nails will start to become stronger. I, for one, hope it works so I don’t have to see a return of the creepy fake nails.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for my thin nails metro sexual husband?

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  1. Gene says

    It’s not overly strange. I color mine anyhow because I put tiny crosses on them and a lot of people think it’s really cool. Goth guys wear eye liner and nail polish and so they have the phrases guy liner and male polish. Of course society thinks this is inappropriate, but I like to think about who makes the rules I live by: me. The wife thinks it’s just amusing.