The Magic Bullet


Hey, have you seen the infomercial for the Magic Bullet? If you haven’t seen it- you should. It’s the cheesiest commercial I’ve ever seen. They are actually doing ratings on the infomercial (and the product) at If you’ve seen the infomercial- you have to read the articles. :)

Ok, so why am I talking about the magic bullet blender anyway? Well … I saw the infomercial and well … it got me! I HAD to have a magic bullet! I never order things while watching TV. This was totally out of character for me. Really! But the product sounded so good.

It’s a small blender system that comes with two cup like containers, and 4 mugs that screw on to the top of the blender/motor. It also comes with a large container that truly makes it more like a regular blender and it also comes with a juicer attachment. You add your ingredients to one of the cup or blender attachments, screw on the correct chopping blade (flat or cross) and then pop the whole container onto the blender motor. A few pulses, and approximately 10 seconds later you have a smoothie, a pasta sauce, or even an omelet ready to be cooked. You can even put the containers in the microwave (with the correct lids- vented) and cook your food item right in the same cup that you blended it in.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Can’t you see why I just had to purchase it? not only that- for a limited time- if you purchased one, you got a second one for free (plus cost of shipping of course). LOL

Yep, I fell for it. I ordered the product at about 1:30 am Tuesday morning (when else are infomercials on) and low and behold early Friday morning- while I was still in bed- I heard a loud knock at the door. We rushed downstairs – after seeing the CanPar delivery truck parked outside and signed for our new Magic Bullet! My husband had to actually run across the street- while still in his housecoat – to get the delivery mans attention. Whew- I almost missed the delivery!

While still in my PJs I carefully unpacked one of the boxes and read all the instructions and the recipes. I was so excited- my new blender! Wow! Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday so I didn’t actually try out the Magic Bullet until the evening.

I decided to have a breakfast dinner last night. Scrambled eggs and toast. Normally when I make scrambled eggs or an omelet I usually don’t feel like chopping up onion or peppers or other ingredients. Sometimes I just grate some cheese, add some garlic powder, salt, pepper and spice and that’s it.

Well, last night I just KNEW it was going to be easy to add whatever ingredients that I wanted. So I cleaned a small green onion, and cut out 1/4 of a green pepper. The instructions say that you don’t have to chop up your ingredients, but I cut them enough that they would fit into the large cup attachment. Then I added 6 eggs, a splash of milk, some ground pepper, pinch of salt, sprinkle of dried parsley, and a 1/2 tsp of Italian seasoning, screwed on the cross blade lid and popped the container onto the motor. Pulse, Pulse, Pulse and Voila! I had a slightly green tinged egg mixture! The onion and green pepper were finely chopped- not mush.

1 minute preparation, 10 seconds of blending, 5 minutes of cooking and we had a lovely meal of scrambled eggs and toast for two. It was delicious! Much better than the eggs I make without freshly chopped veggies in them. I was quite pleased and I didn’t have any problems with the Magic Bullet at all.

Tonight I’m going to make us some fruit smoothies, tomorrow- iced cappuccino, Monday ….

Hmmmm I wonder what Infomercials are on television tonight?

’til next time,


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