Top 10 Most Fundamental Yoga Poses For Beginners




Yoga is a type of workout that integrates the power of meditation.  It is mind boggling to say that our brain is powerful enough to command the body what to do.  Thus, with the correct meditational skills, our bodies can perform through various yoga poses.  Being a skill of mind and body, yoga is absolutely effective in reducing our stress level and eventually improves our energy.  Aside from that, it is also known to improve flexibility, balance and strength.  It is noteworthy that yoga poses will depend on your skill and on how long you have been doing yoga.  Beginners usually perform easy poses giving their bodies the appropriate leeway to get used to the exercise.

The Top 10

The positions below are arranged in a particular order that you gracefully change to the next position in a smooth and fluid-like manner.  It is to be noted that you must stay within each of the poses for five breaths before moving on to the next.

  1. Mountain Pose- This position is called as such because you just stay still as a mountain.  You can do this either by sitting or by standing.  This pose will make you bring yourself to your body.

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  1. Standing Forward Bend- After doing your mountain pose, you bend your body forward as you exhale.  Tuck your chin toward your chest and extend your head towards the floor.  Make sure that you straighten your legs and put your entire weight on your toes.  Place the palms of your hands on the mat lining up with your toes.
  1. Four-Limbed Staff- This is the next step after the Standing Forward Bend position.  As you exhale, put both limbs back as if you are doing a push-up.  Bend your elbows; make sure that your shoulders are parallel to your elbows.  Your body must also be in parallel with the floor.  Pull your navel to your spine to protect your lower back.
  1. Upward Facing Dog- Once you have achieved the Four-Limbed Staff, you slowly inhale and scoop your chest forward.  Face up and let the posterior part of your head touch your back.
  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose- As you inhale, tuck your toes under your heels.  As you exhale, lift your hips and form an inverted letter V.  Stretch your arms forward with your palms facing down.  Spread your fingers and make sure that your middle finger is in line with your elbows.  Relax your head between your arms.  Make sure you stare at your legs or on your navel.
  1. Three-Legged Dog- Shift your weight onto your hands and slowly lift your right leg into the air.  Put your gaze to your left thigh or to your navel.  You do the same with your left leg.
  1. Dolphin or Puppy Pose- Put your elbows down on the mat with your palms facing the mat.  See to it that your middle finger is in line with your elbow.  Make an inverted letter V; ensuring that your legs are straight.  Your heels must be touching the mat.  Relax your head in between your arms and direct your eyes to your legs or navel.
  1. Chair Pose- Go back to the Mountain Pose and bend your knees.  Your thighs must be touching each other.  Raise your arms with your palms facing each other.  Put your weight on your heels with your eyes gazing up your ceiling.
  1. Warrior 1-With the arms up and both knees bent forward; slowly stretch your left leg backward with your heels touching the mat.  Lift your torso up; stretch up your arms; and spread your fingers.  Your palms must be touching each other.  Put your gaze up to the ceiling.
  1. Warrior 2-From the Warrior 1 pose, twists your upper torso such as it is facing your left side.  Extend your arms out in a way that it is doing the letter T position.  Your gaze must be on your right hand.


Yoga is a very interesting exercise that involves the mind and body.  Once you have mastered it, you will not only keep yourself fit but also induce inner peace.

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  1. Live Quran Learn says

    Yoga is a type of workout that integrates the power of meditation. and i live yoga and i like it

  2. Vishal Sharma says

    Yoga is a practice that must be done every day. I do it every day and I also suggest every one.

    Great post man…