Will My Interior Décor Stand The Test Of Time?


Custom slipcover in Thomas Paul floral fabric

I am redecorating my home at the moment and it is not the first time I have given the place a facelift. Every few years I tend to survey my domain and wonder what the hell I was thinking of! I have often been left believing that I have appalling taste but in reality tastes do simply change and we all want the latest in thing. We then start frowning on the styles of previous decades. This leaves me asking myself what features of my new decorative schemes for 2013 will I be looking at in horror in the years to come.

Current Trends

At this point in time it is all about neutral tones and an altogether less fussy and more organic approach. Today’s stylish rooms have plain walls, wooden floors, solid wood furniture and feature just accents of colour. The clean lines and functionality of Scandinavian design are all the rage and clutter, over ornamentation and busy wallpaper are most certainly out of favour. It is difficult to imagine shrinking back in horror at the sight of my cream walls and simple oak furniture in the future but who knows? Maybe we will all find this approach rather boring in retrospect and the psychedelic patterns and bright hues of the 1970’s will return to favour. I hope not because I didn’t like 1970’s décor when it was the height of fashion and I am still haunted by the hideous blue swirly tiles that were a prominent feature of my last home when I bought it.


Talking of bathrooms, having rid my life of several coloured monstrosities over the years and replaced them with simple white affairs, I am really hoping that some style guru somewhere doesn’t start a trend for avocado and pink. It always seems that after a few years the stylists become restless and have to start experimenting. The goal posts get moved and we are all suckered into thinking that we must make changes but they are not always for the better. Who decided that a brown bathroom suite was a good idea? Well clearly someone did because when I was last viewing houses I stumbled across a few of these shockers.


My biggest issue with interior décor is fitted cupboards. I have never liked them and almost certainly never will and so have pulled out all the cupboards in my house and replaced them with free standing furniture. I know that at some point these things will be all the rage again and my home will look like an anachronism and a monument to poor taste. Whatever we do in our homes and no matter how hard we try to achieve timeless elegance the results will always be of their era and at some point are going to look dated. The trouble is we can never know which things are going to fall out of favour.

The Future

I guess I can see the day when I will grow tired of neutral walls and I may fall out of love with my bright nautically themed bedroom but I am never going to have a coloured bathroom suite again and that is final. I also refuse to contemplate the return of swirly patterned tiles, carpet in bathrooms and the ultimate nightmare – a lava lamp! My stylish Porta Romana lamps, simple white bathroom and plain tiles should stand the test of time but then again I said that about my old floral curtains in the living room!

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