7 Sites To Help You Make Perfect Playlists


playlists onlineRemember when you had to call your local disc jockey and sing him a song to find out the artist of a song you liked? Or when you scoured racks of cassette tapes or compact discs looking for new artists? Back in those days, creating a playlist took hours of effort. Today, creating a playlist is simple. Many websites help you search for new artists or genres. You can find music and make compilations from your own home.


Pandora Internet Radio has revolutionized the way people listen to music. Pandora’s Genome Project is the most comprehensive music analyzer to date. Their database has thousands of songs from every musical era. Enter the name of an artist you enjoy. Pandora will play songs by that artist and artists with similar styles.

Pandora won’t help you actually make a playlist, but it will help you discover new music you love based on the music you already enjoy. Free memberships are available as well as affordable paid subscriptions that let you listed without advertisements.


GrooveShark is an online music streaming service. Users can upload or stream music others have uploaded. They can then add songs to playlists. GrooveShark is super easy to use. You can search for songs, genres, playlists and artists.

The site even helps you discover new music after your first search. Once you start a playlist, GrooveShark will suggest other artists for you to try. You can share your playlists on Twitter and Facebook.


Want to go back to the days of trading mixed cassette tapes? 8tracks is the place to go. This site allows users to swap mixes with friends. Once you have created your mix of eight songs, you can broadcast it on Twitter.


Slacker offers users the easiest way to create a playlist online. Begin by listening to slacker radio. Then, like or ban songs as they play. This action creates a playlist. You can also create your own custom radio stations with this site.


Jamendo lets users to listen and download music for free. Users download music directly from their site. If users like an artist, they can make a donation. Users can easily make playlists and share albums.


Using simple drag and drop, Mixtape.me excels at creating custom playlists as well as discovering existing ones. Every playlist receives its own URL, making it easy to share with anyone, even those who aren’t members of the site. You can even embed links to your playlists on webpages, much like with YouTube videos, giving you even more share options.


One of the most popular music streaming and playlist sites on the web, Spotify certainly deserves a mention. It works much like GrooveShark, letting you find music, share it or put it in a playlist. You can choose both free and premium accounts.

When you decide to create a playlist, there are many sites to choose from. Take some time to explore the sites listed above to see which one is a good fit for your needs.

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