Back to work or work from home?


Well I’m still waiting to find when I might be going back to my job at the hospital. Last Monday I had a nerve-racking meeting with the hospitals Human Resources department and now I’m trying my best to be patient as I wait to hear from them regarding where they might place me in the hospital and when I might be going back to work.

Two of the nurses at the meeting were from the hospitals Oncology Nephrology department. I don’t know if they were just part of the assessment team or if they were there because there’s an opening in that department and they are thinking of placing me there. I should have asked but as I said it was a nerve-racking meeting/ interview. It was about an hour and a half long! I’m assuming that I’ll hear something this coming week, but who knows.

At this point I’m getting antsy to get back to work. If something messes up and I end up not going back to my former full time nursing job perhaps I’ll continue to work on the internet. Well I never planned to give it up. However I’ll need to make more money than I make now if that’s the case.

If I were to truly work on the internet full time I’ve even thought of moving. Perhaps somewhere warm or even to the Outer Banks. I recently saw an ad for Outer Banks foreclosures and if I had the money to do it some of those properties sure sound good!

I do think I’ll be going back to nursing but I have toyed with the idea of working on my own and moving to different country. If not now, perhaps later in life. Have you ever thought of working from home in your dream country/city?

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  1. Water Damage Orange County says

    Working from home is not bad after all. I was thinking from your previous post that you went back to your nursing career after the recovery. God bless for your online marketing career too.

    • says

      No I’m not back to work yet and even if I do go back to work I hope to continue my work on the internet … but if something happens and I don’t end up going back into nursing then I might up my internet work into a truly full time career. I really need to start making a living at something in the next few months!