My Migraines are back?


I don’t know if I’m fighting something or if I’m just over tired or if perhaps my migraines are coming back, but I’ve noticed over the last two or three weeks that I’ve had a headache or migraine almost every day.

It’s disappointing that I’m going through this because 1. I’ve suffered from Chronic migraine since I was about 12 years old – not constantly, but on and off since that time and after a very bad period of severe migraines in 2010 I finally started on some medications that seemed to get my migraines under control for the most part.

I’ve been pretty much migraine free for a year and a half so it’s disappointing that I’m having bad migraines all of a sudden. Who knows, like I said maybe I’m fighting something or maybe it’s the weather – we’ve had a very mild winter here in Toronto and our Spring is about a month and a half ahead of itself so I suppose it’s possible that the weather or something could affect me too. I don’t know .. I just want to go back to being pretty much migraine and headache free again! Especially since I might be going back to work in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Jacque Sue says

    some times changes in the weather will effect your migraines too…hope your feeling better soon.

  2. Steve says

    More than likely to be the warmer weather. A lot of people complain of migraines when there’s a sudden change in the weather particularly from cold to warm.

  3. takeshi says

    I suffer from chronic migraine as well. Everything from stress, strong smells and even direct light in my eyes will cause a migraine.
    I’ve tried many methods that haven’t worked. The last thing that kind or worked was acupuncture but it doesn’t solve the problem, just alleviates it :(

  4. conference gifts says

    Migraine has been become one of my worst enemy, every time I am having an attack it stops all my work which affect my productivity. I haven been trying a lot of medication to cure my migraine, this is a long battle that I have been fighting for so long. Migraine symptoms include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. Thank you to this article I was able to find some helpful tips.

  5. Azeem says

    That’s a sad thing to hear. Especially if you travel too much and these kind of hurdles can spoil one’s day. I hope you get well soon.

  6. Hillary says

    I am sorry to hear that. I have suffered from migraines since high-school, so I know how you feel. I had to try try quite a few meds before finding one that worked. Maybe all you need is an adjustment on the dosage, after taking it for a year you may have grown a tolerance to it.

  7. Ken says

    I am also experiencing migraine attacks especially when the weather is too hot. I am living in Austin, Texas where the weather is too hot at times. Whenever I go out for work every afternoon, my head starts to ache especially the sun is on its peak. Nevertheless, I drink my medications beforehand to counteract migraine.

  8. Storage Letchworth says

    Diet…Seriously, I got myself checked out for food intolerances at my local health food store and found a number of foodstuffs that came up with red flags. I cut out white wine, chicken and eggs and have rarely had a migraine since.
    I am no pinko-leftie hippy just an ordinary joe blow but If you think about it logically you are what you eat. If you consistently eat things that are in a minor way poisonous to you, there will be a reaction.
    Many people may scoff, but if you have tried things which have not worked, try this. A test is relatively cheap and tailored for you personally.