A new trend? Men in High Heels?


I was watching the news the other day and they did a story about one of the latest fashion trends – high heels for …. MEN. Uh huh ..

Now I think I’ve heard of men occasionally wearing high heels in the past and I don’t mean shoes that are known as Lifts aka shoes that make short men taller – I mean boots with heels and so on … but this news story was showing men wearing mens’ dress shoes or loafers but they had 3 or 4 inch spike heels on them. It was very strange!

I really don’t think I could get used to it if this trend became common place. Even I don’t wear high heels very often. They’re uncomfortable … I can’t see men enjoying wearing them. LOL … No I think they’d prefer to stick to things like their comfortable running shoes, dress shoes, loafers, sandals, or even ariat boots.

What do you think? Do you think this trend will catch on? Have you heard of this?

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  1. Shane Ryans says

    While this may be a trend I don’t know exactly how many men will follow. I most certainly won’t be buying any high healed shoes. lol the thing people do.

  2. Crabbit says

    I think you might be surprised just how widespread this is already, without you ever even knowing about it!
    Thanks to the ‘mob-ish’ nature of current western society, there is a large number of guys who secretly wish they could wear high heels in public but don’t due to the fear of what others may say, how they may be judged, even how their family and friends will react. Because of this, they keep it locked away behind closed doors.

    As a high-heel wearing man with a seriously disapproving wife I have to live every day knowing that the height of the heel on my shoes could determine the duration of my marriage, while she is free to plunder my wardrobe to keep up with ‘current trends’ without buying exact copies of what I already own. Take for example, my suede tan brogues. I wore them once to a party 2 years ago; she wore them almost daily last year! (Note, I have small-ish feet for a man so we have the same shoe size!)

    “So why wear high heels?” you may ask. Why not? Why do women wear them on a daily basis for everything from running to the local store to 9 hours in the office to a night out on the town? I, like other men and millions of women the world over, love the feeling of being in heels. Well-fitted 4inch heels hurt as much as my float loafers do, but in heels I feel powerful, in control and with a sense of well being nothing else I’ve ever tried can match. I don’t wear them to show off my legs or some perverse sexual gratification, I wear them because I feel good about myself when I wear them. Perhaps the same reason you [the author] may have for wearing them (when you do).

    It takes strength of character and pretty high confidence levels to wear high heels as a man in public as well as a sense of style to pull the outfit together without looking like a fiasco – the same requirements that women have to contend with when dressing every day. For most men, it’s simply easier to stick with jeans and sneakers, or pants and dress shoes and just not care because caring would make their friends/relatives instantly assume things about their sexual orientation!

    When men as a majority take more pride in what they’re wearing and make as much an effort as their wives/girlfriends, we might find there’s more glam on the red carpet than the ladies dresses! We just need to get past the stigma current society places on the bold few who do.


    • says

      Chris if you enjoy wearing high heels on occasion then I think you should. I’m all for people doing what they want to do – as long as no one gets hurt. ;) I hope you and other men who do like wearing high heels didn’t take offense at my post. I just think it would take a bit to get used to seeing a lot of men walking around in high heels all the time.

      As I said in my post I really don’t wear high heels. The reason why I don’t is because of a combination of things – 1. being married to a man who is 5 inches shorter than me, and 2. the fact that I really don’t find high heels the least bit comfortable and in fact find them very uncomfortable (especially for my knees later on). I’ll wear moderate heels but only rarely spikes. Also due to my discomfort in heels that’s another reason why I couldn’t see a lot of men enjoying wearing heels because I think men enjoy being comfortable quite a bit more than women do.

  3. Online Income System says

    People nowadays are really becoming more experimental on things. But just like you, I’m also not fond of wearing high heels because they are uncomfortable to wear how much more for a man, whose feet are both big and wide?

  4. Michael says

    Fashion change every day…so that men can wear high heels…that’s reasonable…i love too

  5. Ken says

    I just heard this trend a week ago and I saw one guy wearing heels in TX. This is quite surprising, especially that men are the ones wearing high heels. However, I can say it is quite fashionable in the sense that it didn’t lessen the masculinity of the men.

  6. Narong says

    I totally understand why you would find that strange. I mean once, i went to the beach and i saw the exact same thing and i thought it was weird too! but i think that it is perfectly fine for a seven year old to wear a 2 piece bathing suit. i mean, they make them for toddlers these days. ;3but I think that the idea of seven year old wearing high heels is a little weird. especially since it was at the beach :O

  7. Laura says

    Well I really hope this trend will not catch on. How strange would it be to see my boyfriend with high heels?!