My husband and his guitars


My husband has been playing his guitars a little bit more often in the last few months. He’s quite a talented musician and he’s played guitar since he was 9 years old, but over the last few years he really hasn’t played all that much.

I’ve always tried to encourage my husband to play his guitars. I think he feels like he’s bothering me when he plays his guitar, but we have a house with many rooms so there’s no reason why he couldn’t play almost every day if he played on one of the spare rooms or in the basement or even outside in the backyard in the summer.

Every once in a while he pulls out one of his guitars – he has five – and he talks about going to one of the bars near us that has an open mike night. An open Mike night is a night when amateur musicians take turns going up on stage and playing a song or two to entertain the audience. So far he hasn’t gone to an open Mike night. I don’t know why since he’s practiced for one several times – maybe he’s more nervous than he says?

Chris' Fender Duosonic
Chris' Fender Duosonic

I’m trying to remember exactly what kind of guitars he has. I can’t remember what kind of guitar his first acoustic guitar is, but he used to play it when he lived in student housing and he had everyone he knew sign it. It no longer holds a tune longer than a minute or so! His other acoustic is a very nice Larrivee that I bought for him five years ago.

His other three guitars are electric guitars and they are older, vintage models. One of his electric guitars is a Gibson from the early 70’s and the other two are Fender guitars. I’m not sure how old his Fenders are, but I know he loves them. Of course what he’d really like would be a 1959 Fender, but I believe those are very hard to come by and very expensive so it isn’t likely that he’ll be getting one of those anytime soon!

Lately he’s been playing his guitar to practice for a little musical concert that will take place for a doctors retirement this coming June. It’s a doctor that he works with in the hospital and he’s been asked to play at her retirement party so he’s been busy working on some songs. Everything sounds good from what I’ve heard so far. I’m sure as we get closer to the date I’ll be hearing a lot more guitar practice!

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  1. Microdermabrasion Auckland says

    I have a friend playing electric guitar too. Best of wishes for the June musical concert for him.

  2. Air Conditioning Repair West Palm Beach says

    Best luck to your husband. I’m a guitar player too, I practiced almost every day. There is bar also here where amateurs get to play for the audience but I’m afraid I have stage fright. I want to over come stage fright cuz it’s a big hindrance for me every time I want to play in the bar. My wife has been very supportive to me always there. I think she’s my biggest fan. lol!