Looks like I’m going back to work


Well I haven’t quite gotten around to giving this site a new look. I know I mentioned that I was going to do that in my last post but I’m still working on some of my other sites and as I do trying to figure out which theme would work best with this site.

I’d still love to hear what kind of look you’d like to see for this blog.

I do have something else that’s been keeping me busy as well. I’ve been trying to get back to work. As long time readers of this blog know I’ve been on medical leave for some time and I wasn’t 100% sure that I even still had a job waiting at the hospital for me, but I thought I did. I certainly never received a letter of termination and I was still receiving tax information every year … so it sure seemed worth checking out.

So … I went to see my doctor and I got her to write a letter saying that I was ready to return to work, then I contacted the occupational health office at my hospital and asked for an appointment. It turned out that I needed to get my doctor to fill out a special form before I could have an appointment with the Occ Health doctor. Of course getting that appointment seemed to mean that my former full time nursing job was/is still in place.

I had my appointment this morning and it went well. I have to get a letter from my internist and then I’ll have another appointment with the Occ health doctor and then .. I should start getting schedule for some shifts in the ER. Yeah!!!! I’ll be on moderated shifts for the first while but that’s a good thing because it will take me a while to catch up on all the changes that have taken place, not to mention remembering how to put in an IV – I haven’t done that for oh 6 years!

I think I’m going to go shopping for a couple of new nursing uniforms tomorrow. Oh and it looks like our washing machine needs to get fixed .. something about the timing pulley or something … I guess I’ll have to look into getting that fixed tomorrow too! Busy busy busy!

Wish me luck on going back to work!

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  1. Scrub Stores says

    Good for you! I wish the best to you and your future adventures. For the site, I like how it looks. It is balanced and has a nice “feel” to it. I like the color as well. Take care!

  2. Save Money Hound says

    Good luck with going back to work! I like the current look of your site. It would be nice to have a different theme, but it looks quite good as it is.