I might have a problem with my laptops keyboard


I’m still trying to get used to the keyboard on my new laptop.

Last night I was convinced there was something wrong with the left shift key because sometimes when I was typing, perhaps I’d use the left shift to capitalize a letter, and the cursor would suddenly jump up a paragraph.

Now I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with the keyboard or if I’m just having trouble getting used to the layout. It is different than my other laptops keyboard and it’s possible that I’m hitting a key that I’m unaware of as I type. Anyway the shift key cursor jump thing has happened a little less today than it did last night so maybe it was me. Hopefully that is the case, I’d hate to have a problem with the computer when I’ve only had it for two weeks.

I am having fun with all the new features on the computer. I’m even working on a to do list .. maybe a shopping list for tomorrow with all the things that we need at the grocery store, some new flours to use in our bread maker, and some l-leucine for my husbands cousin because we’re seeing him later in the evening tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll gradually discover more little gems on the computer via windows 7 that I can experiment with over time.

Do you ever have problems with your laptop keyboard? Have you had trouble with a shift key causing the cursor to jump up a paragraph?

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  1. hugh williams says

    ive only had a problem when something has gone between the keys

    your problem sounds strange

  2. E-commerce Consultant says

    I have had that problem before you might want to get an air spray that cleans your laptop of dust, it also can help to hold it upside down, be careful mind you, and shake some of the dust out.