Fresh Trends Body Jewelry


How many of you reading this post have at least one body piercing? I would bet that a number of you have your nose, or your navel, tongue or eyebrow pierced not to mention many other body parts!

Well, if you have piercings you probably stop to look at body jewelry when you come across stands in the mall or elsewhere. Am I right? Trouble is most of the body jewelry that you can buy at stands are really just cheap costume jewelry.

Wouldn’t it be great to buy some gold body jewelry at a great low price?

Try visiting where you’ll find a huge selection of quality body jewelry. I don’t think that there’s a type or style of body jewelry that Fresh Trends doesn’t carry.

On the main page of the site you can select from categories such as Barbells and tongue rings, basic body jewelry, belly button and navel rings, body piercing retainers, body piercing supplies, captive bead rings, circular barbells, eyebrow jewelry and flexible body jewelry. They even have earrings, toe rings, belt buckles, temporary tattoos and t-shirts.

Fresh Trends sells body jewelry for pretty much every type of piercing that you can think of. I love this online store!

If you visit Fresh Trends be sure to check out their sales page to see what body jewelry is on sale that day or week.

If you love a bargain be sure to register with the site as you’ll get 10% off your purchases. Plus, if you buy $25 or more worth of items your shipping is free.

Do you see why I love this store? They have an amazing selection. Check it out for yourself.

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  1. Julie Simms says

    I’ve never purchased jewelry on-line before, however, this does look like a GREAT web site. I may take the plunge and order soon.

    Thanks for the heads-up.


  2. Darrell Tyler says

    I understand exactly why people like body piercing. It’s really very sexual when you think about it. Maybe it will be something I do when I go on vacation. I’ll come back a NEW MAN.

    Interesting thought.

  3. Talia Phillips says

    I just have three piercings and they are all in my ears, I am too scared to get others, I’m a fraidy cat. I love looking at the different body jewelry though, there are some unique ides out there, it almost makes me brave enough to pierce something else lol